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Price $140.00

A hand painted set of Silk Art Dance Flags - Fluorescent Dyes on Silk with gutta resist



Small - 32" x 38"

Medium - 36" x 45" - This is the standard size of most sets of dance flags.

Large - 42" x 54"


Completion and mailing will be within seven days of your order. Due to the time and energy involved in creating these flags, prepayment in full is required for these sets.

All of my silks are professionally steam set and rinsed to remove excess dye.  The dyes will not run and the flags can be washed.

The process:  Each piece of silk is stretched on a stretcher frame and the design is drawn onto the silk with gutta resist then heat set.  This enables me to block off areas of color.  Fluorescent dyes are then applied to the blocked off areas and allowed to dry.  Once they are dry the silk is cured for a couple of days prior to being steamed in my Jacquard vertical steamer.  I steam the silks for about 3 hours.  This permanently sets the dyes.  Once steamed they are allowed to cure for another day or two before they are rinsed and weighted.



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